Option4 has mastered the frequency of pure groove and good times. If there's a spectrum of electronica, Option4 has reached into it and pulled out a new perspective. And he shares that through breaking-edge DJ set karate chops and originally produced remix round kicks.

Catch him in Denver spicing up any indie show, Boyhollow's Lipgloss Friday nights, or annually at Monolith Festival's mainstage @ Red Rocks. Plus several random shows around North America ranging from spring breaks in Cozumel to the Hollywood strip in LA.

Option4 - Sunset Blvd

my name sounds like a comic book character
the first record I ever got was beats rhymes and life by a tribe called quest (first vinyl record ever)
the latest record I got was theater of the mind by ludacris!!
an album that impacted my musical development was too many to mention.. but at the moment currently influenced by diplo's Florida
I make music because makes me release
it sounds like a frustrated house dj having dinner with whoever's popular at the time
an underrated artist is D.I.M. and I'd also have to throw in the Bingo Players and Bart B.. they're amazing
a favorite movie score is STAR WARS duh
my three greatest inspirations are My dad.. he's a film composer.. Diplo.. he's just smart.. and Denver
when I'm not making noise I like to Sing Off key. LOUD.
it was so funny when i got lost in my own house